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Whisper Tree / Gold Ring & Silver Ring

Whisper Tree / Gold Ring & Silver Ring

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Hand painted "Whisper Tree" ring ( gold & silver )

Story Behind Painting

Once upon a time, in a mystical land of soft hues and delicate beauty, stood a lone tree, its silhouette dominating the landscape. Against a serene background of light pink and mint green, it stood tall and proud, its branches reaching out to the heavens above.

This tree carried a secret, whispered amongst the creatures of the land. Legend had it that every night, when the moon bathed the world in its gentle light, the tree would come alive. Its branches would sway in an enchanted dance, creating mystical patterns against the backdrop of the sky.

One night, a young girl named Lily stumbled upon the tree while chasing fireflies. Mesmerized by its captivating silhouette, she couldn't resist approaching it. She gazed upon the tree with wonder as it began to sway in an otherworldly rhythm.

As Lily watched, the branches seemed to transform into intricate shapes: dragons, mermaids, and fairies. The tree painted the sky with its elegant strokes, leaving Lily breathless with its beauty. It was a sight she could hardly believe.

From that night onwards, Lily became the keeper of the tree's secret. She visited every night, marvelling at the tree's captivating display. Together, they brought magic to the world, painting dreams against the soft background of light pink and mint green.


All rings are made with non-tarnish wire, Even though they can handle with occasional water and lotion, please try to avoid these and chlorine to keep your ring looking its highest quality.

Please apply perfumes, lotions ,hair styling products before wearing.

Clean gently with dry cloth.

PLEASE NOTE that our accessories are hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free, but everyone's skin act differently.

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