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Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Ring / Gold & Silver

Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Ring / Gold & Silver

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Hand painted blue chrysanthemum flower ring (gold / silver)

Flower meaning and symbolism: The love is over and the person has gotten over the pain caused by the breakup.

Welcome to our exquisite collection of painted flower rings, where elegance and craftsmanship come together in perfect harmony. Each ring in this collection is a captivating masterpiece, available in both gold and silver options, adding a touch of glamour to your every gesture.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these rings showcase enchanting hand-painted flowers, bringing the beauty of nature to your fingertips. Delicately encased in non-tarnish wire, our rings are designed to retain their brilliance and charm.

Whether you seek a timeless keepsake or a dazzling statement piece, our painted flower rings are the epitome of sophistication. Wear them as a symbol of your unique style or gift them to a loved one to express your affection.

Discover the allure of these resplendent rings that blend artistry and durability in one captivating package. Adorn yourself with the beauty of painted flowers and cherish a piece of jewelry that will accompany you on your life's journey, capturing the essence of elegance with every glimpse.


All rings are made with non-tarnish wire, Even though they can handle with occasional water and lotion, please try to avoid these and chlorine to keep your ring looking its highest quality.

Please apply perfumes, lotions ,hair styling products before wearing.

Clean gently with dry cloth.

PLEASE NOTE that our accessories are hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free, but everyone's skin act differently.

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