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Personalized Hand-painted Sunlower Trinket Dish

Personalized Hand-painted Sunlower Trinket Dish

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Personalized Content & Rim Color


This elegant personalized dish makes for a unique gift for a couple's engagement, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion, even as a special treat for yourself. It’s gentle and minimalistic design makes for a perfect addition to your bedside table, desk, counter, or any other area of your home. Our dishes are perfect to show someone your love with a unique and personalized gift!

Customized Content: initials/ name/ date/ numbers

Ring Dish Size (Size could be slightly different since every single artwork is handmade)
Round: 6.5 x 1.5 cm / Square: 6.3 x 6.3 x 2.5 cm / Heart: 7.3 x 6.9 x 2.4 cm / Oval: 15.5 x 11 x 1.3 cm

Material: plaster

Flower Meanings:

Sunflowers hold various symbolic meanings across different cultures and contexts. Here are some of the common meanings associated with sunflowers:

  1. Adoration: Sunflowers are often associated with adoration, admiration, and appreciation. Their vibrant yellow petals and bright appearance symbolize warmth, positivity, and happiness, making them a popular choice for expressing love and admiration.

  2. Vitality and Energy: Sunflowers are known for their association with energy, vitality, and life force. Their tall stalks and large, sun-like blooms reflect strength, resilience, and the power of the sun. They are often seen as symbols of vitality and vigor.

  3. Optimism and Positivity: Sunflowers are symbolic of optimism, positivity, and a sunny disposition. Their ability to turn and follow the sun's path throughout the day represents the pursuit of positivity, growth, and embracing the brighter side of life.

  4. Longevity and Loyalty: In some cultures, sunflowers symbolize longevity, loyalty, and enduring love. Their tall stems and long-lasting blooms reflect the idea of steadfastness, loyalty, and unwavering commitment.

  5. Nourishment and Abundance: Sunflowers are associated with nourishment and abundance due to their seeds, which are rich in nutrients and often used as a source of food and oil. They symbolize fertility, abundance, and the bounties of nature.

  6. Spiritual Connection: Sunflowers have spiritual significance in various traditions and beliefs. They are seen as symbols of spiritual growth, enlightenment, and connection to higher realms. Their upward-facing blooms symbolize reaching towards higher spiritual aspirations.

  7. Resilience and Persistence: Sunflowers are resilient plants that thrive in diverse environments. They symbolize resilience, persistence, and the ability to overcome challenges. Their ability to grow tall and strong despite adverse conditions inspires people to stay strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

Overall, sunflowers represent a range of positive attributes, including adoration, vitality, optimism, loyalty, abundance, spiritual connection, resilience, and persistence. They are cherished symbols that inspire positivity, joy, and a sunny outlook on life.


This product is fully handmade to order - from shaping to painting by hand. The lettering can be personalized and can include a name, letters, or date in an accent colour of your choosing. Each product is made by hand, meaning that each item may differ slightly in colour, pattern, and size. This is a delicate hand-crafted process, and each dish will be different.

We are happy to customize as you wish - please feel free to message us with any requests and ideas and we will do our best to accommodate. If this a gift for a loved one, we are happy to ship this order directly to the recipient.


This is not a ceramic item. This dish is handmade from plaster. Plaster is a lightweight and stable material that makes for high quality. Each dish is molded, painted and sealed in our studio.

Wholesale - We would love to be carried in your shop or online store! Please DM us to get started.

To clean this item, gently wipe it with a damp cloth, please avoid submerging it in water. This dish is not dishwasher safe. Please also note, this item is NOT food safe and should not be used for eating or drinking.

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